The Impact of COVID-19 on Divorce Across the Country

As tension builds up after months of close contact in quarantine, many couples are fighting the urge to separate to build space and many more are facing decision in divorce as the pandemic rages on. Lockdown, of course, means spending every hour of every day together, whether you live in a five-bedroom mansion or a two-bedroom apartment in the city. While some may have better spaces than others, the fact of quarantine is constant contact with those in your home. This is something that many spouses were not ready for after years of developing outside friendships relying on golfing on the weekends or book club wine nights with friends on the evenings as spaces to be alone or develop hobbies away from each other. Quarantine and lockdown in a post-coronavirus world changed the daily habits, weekly schedules, and intimacy for couples all around the world and it has impacted the divorce rates in the country.

Divorce rates naturally increase during times of stress and financial trouble, and the COVID-19 pandemic brought both frustrations to everyone’s home in the past few months. Couples found that they not only had to spend every waking minute together with a reprieve of restaurant dinners or friendly shopping dates, but they had to face possibilities of financial woes and sickness. Many couples found that they could not agree on ways to deal with the fear of the virus. Many men found that their wives became obsessive in cleaning down every surface multiple time a day, and women faced fears as their husbands continued to downplay the gravity of the virus when they went outside without any protective gear. With a new intrusion upon daily live, it is normal to feel an upheaval in ways of thinking and seeing your spouse in a new light.

Many couples faced changes in their communication styles as confinement and constant contact brought out many hidden issues and arguments that were once left for dead back out in the open. Due to financial challenges, frustration, or sheer boredom, many couples have reported fighting more often as the months of lockdown continued and, sadly, many couples found these irritations as an opportunity for a new life and filed for divorce.

Of course, forecasts depicting a surge in divorce rates were predicted for family law attorneys all over the country as those working with divorce daily knew, better than anyone, that constant proximity, impending fear, and financial challenges could only breed greater frustrations and breakdowns in communication styles. In a more positive light, many attorneys have stepped out to say that COVID-19 may have impacted spouses for the better as each realized the brevity of life in the midst of a fatal illness and have taken opportunities to change their lives for the better and file for divorce to begin a new life. Therefore, while some divorces have begun in frustration from stay-at-home orders, other divorces were filed with hope in changing lives for brighter opportunities in a post-coronavirus world.